10 Real-Life Married Couples On WWE’s Roster

WWE superstars work closely together behind the scenes that sometimes, form a real-life connection between them. Many have even gone on for years before splitting up. One of the most popular WWE couples to break up was John Cena and Nikki Bella, who called of their wedding a month before its planned date. On the other hand, some wrestling couples are still going strong and have become an example for others that true love can be found inside WWE too. The following is a list of 10 WWE couples who are very happy with their relationship. We have also mentioned the names of wrestlers who no longer work for WWE, but once used to do so and have also considered factors such as how long they have been married and if things went wrong between them. However, keeping the storyline out of real-life, everything is fine between Rusev and Lana.

Complete List of WWE Wrestlers Who Are Dating Other WWE Wrestlers

If WWE have proven one thing when it comes to on-screen partnerships over time, it’s that they love using real-life relationships on the small screen. Cast your minds back to the late s, where Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were one of the hottest double-acts in the business. Fast forward to the s and who can forget the coupling of the Rated-R Superstar Edge and his mistress Lita?

She cheated on then-boyfriend Matt Hardy whilst he was injured at home, and Vince McMahon brought the real-life angle to Monday Night Raw in one of the edgiest storylines of the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Dating between fellow wrestlers may have happened a lot more than we One of the first times WWE incorporated a real life relationship into a.

This boyfriend is apparently secure enough to deal with Otis. While speaking to tvserieshub. She also discussed whether her boyfriend has an issue with this television angle. In a cute way, not a creepy way. Many Rose and Otis might be happy love birds on WWE television, but that is where their relationship stops. Sound off in our new and improved comments section! Trending Hot Popular Night Mode. Connect with D.

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WWE: 10 Best Known Real-Life Couples in Wrestling

The winners of the matches are decided ahead of time, many of the things said on screen are scripted ahead of time and the wrestlers themselves do plenty of acting once they are in front of an audience. Wrestlers who are billed as family members may not be related at all and the same goes for wrestlers who are billed as romantic couples. In , the two were involved in an infamous storyline on WWE television that involved Triple H marrying McMahon after drugging her and taking her to a drive-through chapel in Las Vegas.

They began legitimately dating about a year later and got married in On screen, the McMahons have had some memorable fights, including Vince being caught in many compromising situations with other women and Linda memorably slapping her husband across the face during a match. Unlike the first two couples on the list, this WWE power couple never made it down the aisle.

She was also crowned the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Champion. Professional wrestling career. Rose at WrestleMania Axxess in April

Tales of wrestlers destroying marriages due to their actions on the road are countless. However, in today’s WWE, there are many people who have found and retained the love of their lives in the job. The one professional wrestling power couple that rules over WWE is easily Triple H and Stephanie McMahon — the head of talent and the boss’ daughter — both high-level executives in the company.

The two ended up marrying in and have three children together. Both are still active on-screen characters, with Triple H still wrestling on occasion and McMahon showing up in authority roles when needed. This WWE power couple is a newer one, as far as public knowledge goes, but remains an important one. Andrade is a former NXT Champion, but has yet to win a main roster title. The two have been dating for a while, as photos surfaced of them kissing backstage at WrestleMania However, this is a true power couple, as they are the two biggest title holders on Monday Night Raw.

Seth Rollins is the current Universal Champion and is a three-time world champion.

Andrade doesn’t want to team up with real-life girlfriend Charlotte Flair on WWE TV just yet

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We’ve seen plenty of iconic couples on-screen who were dating or married in real life. This list takes a look at the fabricated romances of WWE.

This past Smackdown, Jeff Hardy was involved in a controversial angle. Here are five such incidents when WWE did not shy away from blurring the lines between kayfabe and reality. However, an online petition wanting to re-sign Matt began circulating and he was re-signed by the WWE in the summer of This led to a series of matches between Hardy and Edge, the real-life heat between the two bringing out some of the best hardcore, intense matches.

This solidified Hardy as a singles performer in the WWE and allowed Edge to become one of the most hated heels of all time. Punk would mock Bearer by over the next few weeks, impersonating his shrieky voice, and stealing the urn. Things went a bit too far when Paul Heyman dressed up as Bearer and Punk poured the ashes of the urn onto the Undertaker. Right at the centre of it was Punk, who was portraying the Straight-Edge gimmick, whereas Hardy, in real-life was battling issues related to substance abuse.

From pills to prescriptions to arrest histories, not a single element went untouched. About a year later, a video surfaced where Hardy went on a rant on Punk, dropping the MF bomb and ridiculing his act of blurring the lines between reality and story-telling. Although there was never real-life heat between John Cena and The Rock, the two guys at one point, simply did not like each other. The build-up itself took a year, and when Wrestlemania 28 season was around the corner, there WWE creative pulled out all the stops to ensure the feud felt real.

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Some competitors are very good at keeping their personal lives very quiet to the fans but in the age we live in, their relationships can be exposed to the whole world. They are the mould, the measuring stick and the ones to aim to be like, they are Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Yes, they are obviously the couple I alluded to in the introduction. Their relationship began as a storyline in in which Triple H married an unconscious Stephanie in a drive-thru chapel despite her being engaged to Test.

She eventually turned and partnered up with her new boyfriend. They dated for three years before marrying in October and are still married with three children, all girls.

Today, we look at wrestlers who turned into real life couples in the dating former WWE star Austin Aries when the two were both in WWE.

Amanda Rose Saccomanno born July 18, , [6] [7] better known by her ring name Mandy Rose , is an American professional wrestler , television personality, and fitness and figure competitor. Rose began a professional fitness competition career in and went on to become a bodybuilding competitor the following year. In , she placed second on the WWE competition Tough Enough , after which she signed a contract with WWE and joined the reality television show Total Divas as a main cast member for one season.

She then competed alongside Sonya Deville as a tag team, dubbed Fire and Desire. She later earned her bachelor’s degree at Iona College , majoring in speech pathology. After the Tough Enough season finale, it was revealed that Rose had signed a five-year contract with the company. On February 17, at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Rose and Deville competed in a six-team Elimination Chamber match for the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship , where they started the match against and were then the final team eliminated by Sasha Banks and Bayley , who won the match in the process.

Who is the boyfriend of Mandy Rose now? WWE star speaks about current relationship with Otis

Cena and Bella have been dating since. Nikki Bella has talked about the fact married in some ways, dating John Cena has actually made her life more difficult because people dating presume that she is dating him just to get ahead in the WWE. Cena had previously said that he wrestlers not want to have children with Nikki Wrestlers, but it appears that he has since changed his mind.

WWE’s Rusev defends Lana and Bobby Lashley affair storyline and admits ‘not (and real-life) wife Lana having an affair with rival Bobby Lashley. Rusev’s highest-profile match to date was arguably his WrestleMania

The future WWE Superstar almost had to get hit over the head with her own sexuality to figure everything out. No way. But maybe. Oh my God, I am. She was among the contestants on the WWE Tough Enough reality series, where would-be wrestlers competed to earn a lucrative contract and a coveted spot on the roster. Anxiety quickly washed over her, as she had not publicly announced her sexuality, nor had her girlfriend disclosed to her parents that she was gay.

Nonetheless, she owned her truth, and everything turned out just fine. Today, Deville is using her celebrity status as a WWE Superstar to encourage others to own their truth as well. She has become a prominent figure in the LGBT community and an advocate for others still struggling with their identity. Not long ago a young fan from Kansas City waited hours on end outside of the arena to share her story with the wrestler, whom she idolized.

She was determined to make the connection. Emotions overcame the young girl, who began sobbing as she presented the wrestler who had inspired her with a heartfelt letter and sign. Through the tidal wave of emotions, she told Deville that she had inspired her to come out and live her life authentically. I had the opportunity to catch up with the year-old WWE Superstar and LGBT advocate who spoke about her revelation that she was gay and journey to self-acceptance, finding love, having her love life play out on reality TV, same-sex story lines in WWE, pushing back against homophobia, and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

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