Ku Hye Sun reveals details about divorcing Ahn Jae Hyun

The mediation will give both sides a chance to settle their divorce before the actual divorce suit. Koo Hye Sun also appointed a lawyer and filed a counterclaim against him in October. The two shared their sweet newlywed life through serval entertainment shows, but ended up breaking up in August last year when Koo Hye Sun revealed a feud with Ahn Jae Hyun. Source 1. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Username or Email Address.

Ahn Jae-hyun and Ku Hye-sun: A Timeline of What Led to Their Plans for Divorce

Dispatch has released some shocking pictures. The chat logs the time phases during their love, their marriage, and their honeymoon. After Dispatch has revealed the entire chat logs, Goo Hye Sun has responded that she has filed a divorce against Ahn Jae Hyun stating the chat log as proof.

Mar 11, – [su_dropcap style=”flat”]T[/su_dropcap]he newest Korean celebrity couple is “Bloods” co-stars, Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun, their.

Following the reveal by Goo Hye Sun of a cat custody dispute and Ahn Jae Hyun agreeing to a list of behaviors he would change, she has now outed that he cheated on her with an actress. Initially, it appears to be establishing the relationship as lovey-dovey as recently as September 1, September 1, K: Honey, I am going to sleep. I love you. Good luck with work, baby. I just finished.

Happy Birthday To Ahn Jae Hyun!

Disclaimer: All of the information in this article is purely based on news articles, social media posts, and interviews involving Ahn Jae-hyun and Ku Hye-sun over the course of their marriage. It must be noted that there are sides to this story that are not known to the public and might not be mentioned or discussed in this article. All translations rely also on translations done over the Internet as we cannot actually read or speak Korean fluently.

The correct reason for divorce is Ahn Jae-Hyun’s extramarital affair. I heard so many rumours about him dating the actress in the drama he is.

The new, romantic comedy novel tells the story of a woman with an extremely unpredictable personality named So Joo , and a man who can’t help but become sucked into So Joo’s undeniable charms, named Sang Sik. The story is inspired by Goo Hye Sun’s real-life dating experiences. During the roundtable interview, Goo Hye Sun revealed that she and her husband Ahn Jae Hyun know each other’s entire dating history. She shared, “I know everything about his dating history.

After reading my novel, he said, ‘I’ve had a similar experience’. He was so much more unique a person than I was. He was strange and odd. When we were dating, Ahn Jae Hyun was like a newborn baby, a clean person who seemed like he had never dated anyone in his life before.

Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun confirm dating news! :stuck_out_tongue: :heartbeat:

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Ahn Jae-hyun (Korean: 안재현; born July 1, ) is a South Korean model and actor. On March 11, , Ahn was confirmed to be dating his Blood co-star Ku Hye-sun since April The couple officially registered their marriage at the.

South Korean actress, Goo Hye-Sun and her fellow actor-slash-husband, Ahn Jae-Hyun made headlines last year when they announced that they would be filing for divorce. The couple first met while working on the TV Series, Blood and were a beloved celebrity couple in the eyes of the public. Goo had not agreed to the divorce while Ahn, it seemed, wanted one. After that occured towards the tail end of , both Goo and Ahn have kept a low profile.

That is, until now. On 5 February, Goo sat down for her first on-camera interview in for the local television programme, Night of Real Entertainment. This is also the first time Goo has agreed to an interview addressing her divorce with ex-hubby, Ahn Jae-Hyun. I wanted to explain anything that may have been misunderstood. This led to the actress being questioned why she had not chosen to release a public statement addressing the divorce via her management like most celebrities.

To that, she explained that it was due to the fact that she and Ahn were signed to the same talent agency. When it came to the topic of the divorce, Goo explained that when Ahn first brought it up, she thought it was a joke. However, she quickly found out that he was serious and that made her very angry.

Actress denies talk that she is dating Ku Hye-sun’s husband Ahn Jae-hyun

The two met on the set of drama Blood in and got married the following year. Known for their adorable yet spicy romance both onscreen and offscreen, it’s no wonder many people are surprised to learn about the potential divorce. She replied: ” I’d say I am the one. I think he loved me quite briefly. These days, it feels like I’m the only one in love with him. I’m way too affectionate with him right now laugh.

At that time, Hye Sun was 31 years old, while Jae Hyun was Continue reading below ↓. Hye Sun was “sick and tired” of dating, and shared.

According to reports , the representatives of the K-drama stars attended a divorce meditation at the Seoul Family Court in their place and have come to a settlement. The two of them will walk their separate paths, and they will cheer for each other’s futures. They apologize for causing concern to the public over their personal problems,” their official statement read.

The two celebrities met on the set of the K-drama series “Blood,” and married in May Ahn Jae Hyun filed for divorce in September Samantha hated herself after winning a crown. PNP: No basis to suspend Jolo police over bombings.

Ku Hye Sun Shares Stories From Dating Ahn Jae Hyun + Thoughts On Watching Him Grow As An Actor

The actress is currently in the middle of divorce proceedings with Ahn Jae Hyun , and the two stars made headlines when news of their marital issues became public. At first, my older sister stayed with me for a week and then my sister came. I was also hospitalized for about a month.

The couple, after dating for a while, got married in May Their bond had strengthened after appearing in the drama Blood. After.

The news has caught the eyes of the fans as the divorce issue took an ugly turn when their personal messages were made public, revealing shocking details about the lives of the power couple. It ordered a court-officiated mediation in the case on June It has set July 15 as the date for mediation. If the settlement is agreed upon by both the parties during the mediation, then the divorce process will be carried out without the need to file any lawsuit.

The news of the divorce had shocked the fans of the stars. The couple, after dating for a while, got married in May Their bond had strengthened after appearing in the drama Blood.

Ahn Jae-hyun Talks About Dating and Marriage

The divorce proceedings between stars Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun were finalized this week in Seoul, capping off 7 months of legal affairs to conclude the three year union of the no ex-couple. Best of luck to each in their separate lives and careers ahead. I always wondered if actors and actresses could live real daily lives after immersing themselves time and again into roles and wildly dramatized situations. I just want this whole ordeal to be over because the folks involved and now the public has morphed from having an opinion to knives out.

Seriously, nothing good ever comes from trying to resolve an impasse with emotional reactions.

Ku and Ahn met while starring on the vampire drama Blood. They began dating in and got married the following year. They took part in the.

On September 4, news outlet Dispatch releases a very detailed set of text messages throughout the past two years between them, they conducted forensic analysis to prove the text were not fabricated or edited. She took to her instagram again this time to accuse Ahn Jae Hyun of having an affair behind her back. Here is the translated Instagram post:. I have a photo I found in my husband computer after our marriage. I will submit this to the court as evidence. Why is she making him seem like his the bad guy.

So immature. The guy is all quiet and stuff and she should stay quiet too. Like goddame.

Koo Hye Sun (구혜선) & Ahn Jae Hyun (안재현) DATING NEWS!